Plastic injection moulding

Our technical means

We have numerous injection moulding machines ranging from 15 to 400 tons, allowing us to respond to a large number of projects.

In order to guarantee your satisfaction and conformity, we put our know-how in plastic injection, in finishing (cleaning, deburring) and in packaging of parts at your service. We also offer hot stamping.

Our Methods

Our method, widely tested, allows us to guarantee that deadlines are strictly observed: 100% of deadlines met in 2018! This requires precise organisation, strict processes, total responsiveness but above all realistic planning.

Thus, every deadline is met. This method is intended to be collaborative, based on the exchange and sharing of the skills and experience of each employee.


We signed the -10% waste reduction pact. This has enabled us to commit ourselves to a real environmentally responsible approach. To ensure this, several schemes have been put in place:

  • Sorting and recycling with the company Pascault Recyclage (recovering industrial plastic waste in a skip then revaluing it: sorting, resale)
  • Partnership with the environmental industry sector
  • Collaborative and ongoing work with the Vienne department’s CCI.

CDA Développement is continuing and improving its approach to waste recovery.